The Air Duct Cleaning Myths Everyone Should Know

Air Ducts Cleaning

Do you think you can save money by not having to have your air ducts cleaned? You might be wrong. There are many dangers in allergens and other debris that can get trapped in your ducts. This can cause problems for sensitive people or anyone in your household who is prone to respiratory or allergic issues. Cleaning your ducts should not be expensive.

Regular inspection and cleaning of your ducts are essential to your safety and happiness. It is the air that you inhale every day. Allowing it to fester with pests or rodents can cause serious health problems.

Here are 5 myths about duct cleaning:-

Duct Cleaning Requires Harsh Chemicals

Your home’s ventilation system is the lung of your house. It is the air you inhale. It’s understandable why some people are concerned about the toxins they are inhaling, especially if professional cleaning is required. The vast majority of ducts do not require chemicals for cleaning. Only ducts with mold growth or other issues require chemicals to clean.

Air Ducts don’t even get that dirty

One common myth is that HVAC companies use duct cleaning to make more money from homeowners. Unfortunately, your air ducts do get dirty. Your ducts can also collect pollen, pet, and other allergen residues, as well as rodent droppings, and insects. Regular inspection and cleaning of your ducts are important.

Only AC Units Must Be Cleaned

The common misconception is that only air ducts working in conjunction with an AC get dirty. However, regardless of whether the AC is turned on or off, forced air can carry any items that are already in the air. Dust and other debris can easily travel with your ventilation system and accumulate in your ducts very quickly.

Don’t Let Dirty Ducts Harm Your Health

Although the average person might not notice any irritations from dirty air ducts, people with asthma or allergies will quickly notice them. Poor air quality can cause severe irritations in sensitive areas and even result in people being diagnosed with respiratory conditions.

You can clean them yourself

It may be more difficult than you think to clean your air ducts yourself. It’s not only difficult to clean your ducts properly, but you will also need to call a professional to clean them once more. It is best to let the professionals do the job from the beginning.

What can we do to find out if my ducts cause me pain?

Your air duct may be the reason you are experiencing symptoms that resemble allergies or common cold symptoms. There can be mold, dust, or other allergens that are waiting to be breathed in.

What happens if there is black residue in my vents?

Hire a professional cleaning service. You could have mold, soot, or debris. Only a professional air-duct cleaning service can tell the difference. The experts at air duct cleaning garland tx can help you inhale cleaner air with the most advanced duct-cleaning system. We have provided high-quality dryer vent cleaning services for homes and businesses. Get a free estimate by calling today!

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