The Easy Steps To Clean Up After Building Work

Residential Cleaning

Our knowledge can easily be transferred to residential situations. This article was created to assist homeowners in cleaning up after their home’s construction. Many homeowners choose to stay put and remodel or extend their homes, and builders are busy with home extensions and renovations. It is a great time for homeowners to start dreaming about their new kitchen, bathroom, extension, or loft conversion. All building work and decorating can create dust, which can make the home dirty and dusty. It is inevitable. However, it is possible to reduce the amount of cleaning and make cleaning easier.

Let’s now get to the point: how can you clean up after construction work?

It is worthwhile to prepare for cleaning after construction work is complete before work begins. It is clear that building work can create dust, rubble, and debris, which can lead to damage. Therefore, it is a good idea to plan ahead. Preparation will help reduce the cleaning required after the project is completed. It will also protect you against dust, toxins, and carcinogens.

Preparation checklist

Talk to your builder to find ways to reduce dust and debris before they start. For more ideas, take a look at this preparation checklist:

  1. Partitions– Consider whether temporary partitions, such as temporary walls, plastic sheeting, and masking tape can be used to keep dust from entering the house. Although a wall partition won’t completely stop dust from entering your home, it can help to reduce it. It is worth talking with your builder.
  2. Access routes Discuss with your builder the access routes that workers will use to access the site. If possible, try to avoid areas not used in the construction process. To avoid your workers from using your toilets, many builders will organize their own facilities.
  3. The impact of the work on your property – Discuss with your builder the potential effects of the work on the property. To keep your house stable, for example, an extension will require new structural steel beams (steels). These steels can cause some movement in your house, which could lead to additional repairs to cracked walls or extra decorating ideas that you didn’t consider.
  4. Discuss your facilities – If you have major renovations to be done, discuss access to the kitchen and bathrooms. To ensure that you are able to prepare food and that there is enough electricity and water to run your appliances in the evenings, you will need to collaborate closely with the builder. Consider coordinating your holiday plans at the best time.
  5. Clear out all clutter from the work area. – This is common sense, but prepare for the arrivals of the builders by clearing away everything from their area.
  6. Keep the air moving – This may seem odd, but opening windows will allow any builder’s dust to escape the house and not settle on floors or surfaces.
  7. Protecting furniture, flooring, and electrical items – Relocate your furniture and carpets, and cover them with plastic sheets if they are near the building. It is important to protect electrical items from dust damage by moving them or sealing them in bags.
  8. Cleaning equipment Make sure to prepare for cleaning by getting all the necessary equipment. We recommend the following essentials:

During building works

There are two options available to you as the work gets underway. You can choose to stop cleaning if the dust and rubble are contained and the house is well-sealed. Dust can accumulate even in a well-sealed construction site. It is amazing how dust can seep through. Although you may not wish to vacuum daily, Pristine recommends that you do so. This is up to you, but it will help maintain a sense of order and cleanliness.

As the work progresses, open any windows that can be opened to let your home breathe. This will reduce dust and any smells associated with construction, such as paint.

The big clean up

The partitions have been taken down and the construction work is now complete. Enjoy your new kitchen, bathroom, or extension. But that’s not all. Now is the time to clean. No matter how careful and thorough you were during construction, you will still need to clean your entire home. This includes the kitchen and bathroom extensions as well as the hallways and rooms around them.

You will need to clean up after an extension is completed.

The following is our post-building work cleaning checklist:

Before you can enjoy your beautiful extension or renovation, the final task is to clean up and maintain your cleaning equipment. It will make your equipment last longer by giving it a quick cleaning. For example, rinse the mop well to make sure it is clean and ready for your next use. It’s important to dry it thoroughly before you store it in your cupboard.

Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen extension, bathroom, or attic conversion.

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