What Type of Anti-Fatigue Mats Will Work Perfectly?

Anti Fatigue Mats

It is vital to ensure that your employees and you are protected from the dangers of standing work in an industry where employees spend a lot of time on their feet (over seventy-five hours in two weeks). It is important to create a work environment that protects your employees from common illnesses, reduces productivity, and increases the chance of worker’s compensation claims or benefits usage.

Anti-fatigue mats are one of the most important things that an employer can do to their employees. Anti-fatigue mats are thick, cushioned mats that reduce fatigue and help to eliminate it from standing workers. Anti-fatigue comfort mats can also be used by seated workers. If the workspaces are designed to allow workers to move between seated and standing, they may be able to use desk-sized standing mats.

To fully comprehend how anti fatigue mats work, you need to know more about how standing work affects an employee.

How Standing Work Affects an Employee?

Standing employees will experience tired feet, swelling ankles, and calves, as well as low back pain and neck pain. How do these problems occur? The majority of problems with standing work such as welding and line cooking are caused by poor quality.

It has everything to do with muscle rigidity. Standing can cause muscle rigidity, especially in the lower body and legs. The blood vessels in your legs and feet shrink due to this, which results in decreased blood flow to the area. This causes the standing employee to feel pain and cramping. If this happens over a prolonged period, secondary, more serious problems can occur. When a worker is left to stand on a hard surface for extended periods, without rest or support, circulatory problems may occur. Because blood can collect in the legs while standing, there is a risk for cardiovascular disease.

The problem is that not all employees are capable of performing their jobs properly. What can you do to make sure that your employees are safe at work? It is important to take breaks and get rest, it can also make a big difference in the severity of pain or cramping.

How do Anti-Fatigue Mats work?

The true cause of pain in employees who stand for prolonged periods is not the standing but the resulting muscle rigidity. Muscle rigidity is caused by employees standing too long without being able to move enough. This is why rigidity can occur on hard floors like a kitchen.

Anti-fatigue mats create a thickly padded surface on which employees can stand. To maintain balance on the padded mat, the padding causes workers to make micro-adjustments to their feet. Although the worker doesn’t feel unstable or off-balance, the mat’s thickness causes some instability underfoot which causes the worker to compensate. The feet, ankles and calves are constantly in movement. Constant movement reduces muscle rigidity which, in turn, reduces pain, cramping and other work-related problems.

Anti-fatigue mats provide support for standing workers. Employees can be injured if the surface does not offer a cushion for their feet. Even if an employee has padded or orthopedic shoes, this may not be enough to keep them comfortable while standing for long periods.

What other precautions should a standing employee take?

Standing employees should use anti-fatigue mats. However, they should also be careful not to suffer from lower limb disorders as a result of excessive standing. These practices should be incorporated into the work environment of any standing employees you supervise. These precautions, when used in conjunction with an anti-fatigue pad, can be the “ounce” of prevention.

  • Schedule breaks and/or changes in work position.
  • Wear appropriate footwear.
  • Stay hydrated.

What Anti-Fatigue Mat should you purchase?

There are many options for anti-fatigue matting. They come in many thicknesses and finishes. Wearwell, LLC  is a commercial matting company that has been around since 1950. We sell only the best top-quality mats. To provide the best anti-fatigue mats for our clients, we only work with industry leaders in the mat industry. We are happy to help you decide which anti-fatigue mats would be best for your employees. This will ensure happy feet and happy employees. These are our favorite anti-fatigue mats:

  • Standing desk mats or Desk “get fit” mats.
  • Ortho Runners.
  • Hog Heaven mats.

Anti-fatigue mats may seem unattractive because they are meant to be a workhorse, not an aesthetic addition to your home. The anti-fatigue kitchen mats are durable, plush, and attractive. You can choose from beautiful finishes that blend in with the environment, or stand out. You can choose from a variety of colors including black, grey, or marble.

Anti-fatigue mats can be a great way for your employees to feel safe and comfortable while performing their standing work. Standing employees will move more easily if there is a cushion underneath their feet. The chance of muscle rigidity developing is very low when muscles are constantly in motion. Anti-fatigue mats are available in many sizes, shapes, finishes, and can be used in any industry that has employees who will be standing for more than seventy-five hours in two weeks.

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